Best Car Cellphone Holder

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While driving, you may need to make phone calls or use your phone’s navigation system to get turn-by-turn directions. You will find it difficult to do all these things on the road, and there is the issue of safety. A good car cellphone holder is a very important accessory that every car owner should have. And there are many different types out there. So, to help you make the right choice, I will list and discuss the best car phone holders on the market.

Comparison Between Best Car Phone Holders

Features Kenu Airframe Car Mount Belkin Car Vent Mount Logitech Zerotouch Exshow Car Mount MPOW Grip PRO 2 Arteck Car Mount Yosh Magnetic Car Mount Wuteku Car Phone Holder
Wireless Charging  ✓              
Adjustable  ✓  ✓    ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Hands-free      ✓          
Magnetic attachment              ✓  ✓

1.     Kenu Airframe QI Wireless Charging Car Mount

This car cellphone holder supports your smartphone and can charge wirelessly. It has a 10W Qi wireless charger that allows you to charge your phone without using cables. So you are sure that there will be no cables lying around in your car. You can attach this car phone holder onto your air vent.

Kenu Airframe Qi wireless charging car mount is adjustable by its swivel joint. It also includes a dual QuickCharge 3.0 adapter for charging another device.

  • Benefits

It has Qi compatibility

It is well made and slim

It includes a dual QC 3.0 adapter.

  • Downside

Not all phones have wireless charging capabilities.

2.     Belkin Car Vent Mount

This car cellphone holder allows you to mount your phone without obstructing your windscreen. It is adjustable and can hold phones of up to 5.5 inches and can accommodate cases that are 3mm. The Belkin Car Vent Mount can be attached to your heater vents. It has rubberized grips with which it holds your smartphone firmly.

This vent mount can rotate through 180 degrees, and this means that you can use your smartphone in landscape or portrait mode. It also has a cable holder that allows your charging cable always to stay connected. But this vent mount does not come with a cable, so you will need to purchase one separately.

  • Benefits

It grips gently but securely

It is low profile

  • Downside

You need to put the vent off if your car heating is running.

3.     Logitech Zerotouch

Logitech Zerotouch is an excellent car phone holder for hands-free navigation. You can attach it to your air vent and is compatible with Android phones. This car phone is not adjustable, but you are sure of total hands-free control. It includes an app for controlling your phone completely with your voice.

You can also integrate it with Alexa and have her make calls for you, play music, send messages and route your GPS. Although you cannot adjust this mount, its air vent clip has an angle that allows perfect viewing.

  • Benefits

You do not need to touch it.

It is compatible with Alexa.

  • Downside

You need to download the app.

4.     Exshow Car Mount

This car phone holder is flexible and does not obstruct your windscreen. It has a suction attachment that sticks to your screen and is adjustable. This car phone holder is compatible with screens up to 6 inches. It is long, and this makes it able to stay in the perfect viewing position without obstructing your screen.

This car holder can rotate 360 degrees, and this makes finding the best viewing position easy. It is a very simple car phone mount.

  • Benefits

It has extra suction which makes it very stable.

It has a 360-degree adjustment

  • Downside

It wobbles a little

5.     MPOW Grip PRO 2

This car mount can attach to your CD player for a firm hold. It is the best anti-slip car mount that is compatible with screens up to 3.5 inches. If you do not like suction clips or sticky pads, you should go for this solid car phone mount. Once you insert it into your CD slot, it holds your phone firmly minimizing movement and eliminating the risk of slippage.

This car mount is adjustable with the swivel and tilt. However, some people have complained that it can obstruct their view while using bigger screens in a portrait position. You also have the option of playing CDs while your phone mount is in place. But if you want to change CDs, you will need to remove it first.

  • Benefits

It allows you to play CDs

It is sturdy and solid

  • Downside

It obstructs view in portrait position

6.     Arteck Car Mount

This car mount allows you to place your phone anywhere for easy access. It is multifunctional and attaches to your dashboard with a sticky pad. This adjustable car mount is compatible with all smartphones. It allows you to place your smartphone vertically or horizontally for the best viewing position.

If you are facing difficulties trying to stick the mount to your dashboard, you can add a little water to make it grip well. This car mount is customizable for every smartphone devices.

  • Benefits

It can hold big smartphones

It is not cumbersome

  • Downside

It needs some moisture to stick well.

7.     Yosh Magnetic Car Mount

This car phone mount is very simple and easy to use, but very effective. It has the best design and is compatible with all smartphones. This magnetic car mount has a sturdy clip that allows you to place your phone in the best position. It holds your phone firmly even when you are driving on uneven roads.

Before you can use this car mount, you will need to attach a magnetic sticker to the back of your smartphone. It is an affordable and very effective car mount.

  • Benefits

It has a magnetic attachment

It can hold a tablet

  • Downside

You need to stick a sticker to the back of your phone.

8.     Wuteku Car Phone Holder

This magnetic car mount attaches to your dashboard. Its sticky pad allows you to place your phone at the perfect viewing position. It is adjustable and compatible with all smartphones. This magnetic car mount allows you to hide the magnetic disc under your phone’s case.

  • Benefits

It has a magnetic grip

You can hide the magnetic phone disc.

  • Downside

Its sticky pad is not the best.


Car phone holders are very important car accessories for ensuring the safe use of your phone while driving. There are many different types of car phone holders on the market. These car mounts come with different features to help you get the most out of your phone while driving. In all, I hope this article was helpful, and you can now choose a car mount that best suits your needs.

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